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  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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Heydouga 4084-PPV072 saya HeyDouga Pay Per View

A nostalgic material came out when I was arranging materials. It is a girl who became a practice stand when I started AV. Very slender and very gentle! It is Saya-chan. At first it is raw and you can not insert it! I promised but I was excited about each other and I was a raw W! It is! The first shot was unexpectedly thoughtless inside but the second shot came out inside with nice or ~! It is! After taking a picture there is a memory that each other became difficult and left the hotel. I think that there are also dissatisfaction with angles and shooting methods, contents etc. I will offer at a low price, so I am pleased if you understand it.

素材を整理していたら懐かしい素材が出て来ました。 私がAVを始めたころ練習台になって頂いた女の子です。 細身でとっても優しい!さやちゃんです。最初は生で挿入は駄目!と約束したのですがお互い興奮して気が付けば生でしたW!!初弾は中はまずいと思い 外発射でしたが2発目は・・もういいや~で中出ししちゃいました!! 撮影後はお互い気難しくなりホテルを出た記憶があります。 アングルや撮り方、内容等、ご不満もあるかと思いますが低価格でご提供致しますので、ご理解下されば幸いでございます。