Heydouga 4039 - PPV 1037 Yukie Shimpe of a lady - My passing face
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
Server 8

Heydouga 4039 - PPV 1037 Yukie Shimpe of a lady - My passing face

Yukie looks at the ceiling uneasy. A man with electricity comes near. At first caressing the chest tenderly. Then suddenly start hitting an electric ram. Pull on the pubic hair that pinches the nipple with hand holding electricity. It is Yukie who seems uneasy from beginning to end without knowing what is being done, but when her eyes hit Kure, her facial expression is completely changed. Desperately pleasant. Vibrations are transmitted to the chest at pinpoint, Yuki who is willing to die, but that time will come. While distorting facial expressions, "I will pass away ..." with a crying voice of a mosquito. However, when it is about to pass away, I will stop the electric power. She seems to have cums many times in a state of slaughter, "I will pass away ...".